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Family Treatment and Recovery Programs

Family Residential Treatment

At Avivo, families recover together. Family residential treatment allows pregnant and/or parenting women to enter treatment with their children, up to/including age 17. It is an Intensive Residential 245G Treatment Program. Eligible women will have a chemical health diagnosis and/or co-occurring chemical and mental health diagnoses.

The program is 24/7 and participants have a minimum of 30 hours of weekly, culturally-responsive and trauma-informed programming. The program includes a specialized care team of:

  • Licensed alcohol & drug counselors
  • On-site nurse practitioner
  • On-site psychiatric practitioner
  • Trauma-informed, mental health professionals
  • Child development staff

Women participate in intensive groups, receive parenting education and coaching, and find help on reunification with their children. Child development programming supports children, social relationships, play and learning.

For referrals or inquiries about our family residential treatment program, email, call 612.752.8074, or fax 612.752.8051. For questions on evenings or weekends, please call 612.752.8165.


Outpatient Family Treatment

Avivo’s Outpatient 245G family treatment program is designed for pregnant and/or parenting women with a chemical health diagnosis or co-occurring chemical and mental health diagnoses. There are recovery housing options, when available and appropriate, where dependent children up to age 17 may live with their mothers while in treatment.

The program provides approximately 15-25 hours of weekly programming, including family and child development, individual and group therapy, and education on parenting, co-dependency and relationships.

Costs are covered by insurance, PMAP or the Behavioral Health Fund.

All treatment programs incorporate wellness activities and additional services:

  • Peer recovery support
  • Child development services
  • Career training opportunities
  • Employment support
  • Support in obtaining permanent housing
  • DBT skills
  • Seeking Safety
  • Nurturing and celebrating families
  • Anger and stress management
  • Health and wellness education

For referrals or inquiries about our outpatient family treatment program, email, call 612.752.8074, or fax 612.752.8051.