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Employment Services

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At Avivo, individuals find customized employment services to achieve their life and career goals. Our career counselors create plans that are unique to each individual – a holistic approach for unemployed and under-employed men and women who are struggling to find work or start their careers. Our employment services are free or no-cost to participants due to eligibility requirements. Contact us to discover career or employment services that are just right for you!

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Individualized career services

We specialize in helping individuals who face significant challenges to employment and stability – particularly people with low incomes or who are experiencing poverty or homelessness, adults or youth with disabilities, working single parents, new immigrants, and youth and young parents.

We also have career counselors who work specifically with laid-off workers, displaced homemakers, and low-income families transitioning off of public assistance (MFIP) or working to avoid dependence on MFIP.


Career services with holistic approach

We believe overall wellness — health, and economic and social wellness – transforms lives. Everyone deserves the opportunity to be well. Sometimes finding the right career or job entails added supports. Within Avivo, we offer services to address the whole person – including our career education and chemical and mental health services. Counselors pair employment services with a wellness approach to meet our participants’ unique needs.


Workshops, job clubs, and Avivo Job Portal

Our participants get connected to Avivo business partners who regularly facilitate workshops on mock interviewing, careers by industry, workplace expectations, and more. Workshops are offered on social networking, behavioral interviewing, resume writing, and more. Participants have access to Avivo’s Job Portal that showcases current job openings tailored to Avivo participants and graduates.


Employer Services

Avivo provides access to a hidden workforce – a culturally-diverse and skilled talent pool for a wide range of positions in various industries. We partner with many Minnesota businesses to match qualified individuals for their workforce needs.


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